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Piristeel Oy is the leading manufacturer of rainwater systems, ladders and roof safety products in Finland.

The expertise and strict attitude of the Ostrobothnian people make no room for compromises. Pisko makes the difference offering products with top class durability, safety and functionality. Pisko is the winner’s choice.

The Pisko products are designed for easy and safe installation. The products have a long lifecycle and they are highly adapted to the demanding Scandinavian conditions. The product tests are carried out more frequently than required by the standards. We are not satisfied with moderately accepted test results, but we want to exceed the requirements with a broad safety margin. Only the best is good enough when the improvement of people’s safety is concerned.

All Pisko roof ladders and roof bridges and their mounting accessories are CE marked. For rainwater systems, we offer the largest product range in the market in terms of models and colours.

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