Bringing Revolutionary Innovation to the Market




Superior Durability and Silky Flow

Maxiumum durability and eye-pleasing, silky appearance all in one product. SUPRAFLOW-material was developed to meet the demands of the rainwater system market, introducing a more innovative, durable and aesthetically pleasing rainwater system at a reasonable price.

SUPRAFLOW material combines all the best properties that can be required of a rainwater system. Thanks to its silky surface containing fluorine, Supraflow repels dirt better than any other materials. UV Radiation from the sun does not cause discolouration of the painted surface, therefore the material is included in the Best RUV Category. SUPRAFLOW is an excellent material in terms of mouldability and corrosion resistance.

Optimum Material for Rainwater Systems

SUPRAFLOW is a registered trademark of Lapuan Piristeel Oy in Europe and North America. SSAB manufactures the SUPRAFLOW-material for Piristeel in Finland. 

SUPRAFLOW brochure
SUPRAFLOW product cataloque
SUPRAFLOW warranty

Technical warranty for 50 years
Coating warranty for 25 years
0,55–0,6mm DX53D +Z350 SUPRAFLOW
27,3 % thicker zinc layer
Coated on both sides
100 % manufactured in Finland

180 mm, 150 mm and 125 mm half round gutters
120 mm, 100 mm and 87 mm down pipes
Complete range of parts
Colour: Matt Metal Graphite
The colour is optimally suited for sites with RR23, RR33 or RR41 shades.

A silky coating with excellent dirt repellent properties
Supreme resistance to UV radiation
Excellent corrosion resistance
Excellent mouldability
100 % recyclable material

Alternative to Zinc

Currently, rainwater systems sold in the market are made from zinc. The majority of the net weight of these systems is comprised of zinc, which provides excellent protection against corrosion. Such systems are very valuable and difficult to work on. SUPRAFLOW brings a more affordable solution with top-of-the-line workability within everyone’s reach. SUPRAFLOW systems are installed similar to other high-quality rainwater systems; for instance, it does not require any special parts or work phases to account for larger thermal expansion.

We Promise Quality

SUPRAFLOW systems are manufactured in accordance to extremely stringent quality control. The fit of the components is top class, and the coating remains free from defects even during the most demanding moulding. We want this system to work perfectly for decades to come, without any worries. SUPRAFLOW is a superior product, and we provide it with a warranty it deserves.